There is something so beautiful to me about the fleeting thoughts and ideas that exist in the subconscious realm-- ideas that I have forgotten to recognize or contemplate because they are only active in the hours that I am asleep. This body of work acts as a storage space for the things that I have encountered in my subconscious state in hopes of allowing the opportunity to recognize and remember the patterns of thought in my dreams. I seek to create an experience for my viewer that lends a glimpse into this space that only I have access to. Within this space, a multitude of organic forms and colors exist, representing people, places and feelings. It was my intention to capture and replicate these dream-state flowing figures in hopes of uncovering deeper truths and ideas  about myself and those around me. This body of work is ultimately reflective of my introspective nature with the intention of taking part in more thoughtful dreaming. Through these paintings, I welcome myself and others to interact with these subconscious characters in a conscious state.