This Too Shall Pass


I spent this past weekend up in Lake Arrowhead with some friends to celebrate our good friend Charlotte’s 23rd Birthday! It was such a nice breather from a busy few months. With thanksgiving quickly approaching, I took some time to reflect on how thankful I am for these friends, this weekend that felt like a breath of fresh air — literally and figuratively, and all the events of this past year. Much has transpired this year and I’m truly grateful for the lessons learned and the truths that are still taking its time to manifest. Back in April, I wrote about how happy I was. It wasn’t one specific moment or thing, rather, it was a string of serendipitous moments that happened all at once and then one after the other. As I drove home last night, I listened to The Sunday Scaries Podcast- as I do every Sunday. This episode in particular hit me like train. I won’t go into too much detail — it’s only about 10 minutes long so give it a listen if you enjoy the camaraderie of loss and change, he articulates it well. The episode is titled ‘This Too Shall Pass’ and it got me thinking about this last year, and especially about the last several months. I suppose every year can feel like the worst year of your life because of the new adversities you’ve endured. Adversities that are so unfamiliar that it leaves a crippling aftertaste. But, this too shall pass. And what I’ve come to realize is that each new year can simultaneously be the best and worst year of your life in that same logic. In HIMYM Barney says “new is always better” (okay, bad example, I know, but trust me on this one). The peak of excitement is often found in the discovery of an unfamiliar and long awaited achievement or event. This excitement is often driven by the adrenaline of this new and entirely unfamiliar feeling or emotion connected to said discovery. But once again, this too shall pass. I guess what I’m getting at is that these moments, these discoveries, life itself even — it’s all temporary. And maybe that sounds a little morbid, but I think there’s something quite beautiful about the fragility of these moments. The moments, the events, the possessions, all of which won’t last and aren’t meant to. The conclusion I’ve drawn up is that there is something far greater than this life. Something beyond what I could possibly dream up. And these days, I’m feeling quite homesick for a place I haven’t seen, for the kind of joy I haven’t experienced, and perhaps for something much more permanent.

But I am grateful. I am grateful for many things this year. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve seen a lot. Maybe in this life we are just meant to collect moments, lessons, adventures, adversities, joys, everything. And I suppose I’d rather have experienced it all than none of it. I think it makes us to be more interesting people with greater stories to tell. Last Sunday I visited a new church and the pastor reminded us that humans connect to each other in our shared brokenness and heartache. And, I guess what makes these adversities worthwhile are the friendships formed in which we mourn together and celebrate together.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

Catherine Li