September Favs & Reviews


September was such a blur. I think I say that about every month…but truly, this year has been flying by. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

We’ll start with some highlights—

  • I started the month off in Chicago! I had the best time and it was such a much needed little get away trip.

  • The high school youth group started up again and it’s been fun getting to spend time with the high schoolers and building community with the counselors.

  • We had a young adult ministry kick off event, and I got to share about my small group experience from last year which gave me a chance to reflect about small group and why I loved it. I look forward to small groups starting up again :)

The BadChristian Podcast- ep 408 God Can’t Heal Unilaterally, So Stop Wasting Your Time Praying

I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer recently. Specifically, it being valuable in it of itself because it is communication with God vs. it being a transactional conversation. This episode of Bad Christian was interesting and articulated how I’ve been feeling. Keep in mind that this podcast isn’t for everyone-it’s pretty crass and the humor is sometimes stupid (which I tend to enjoy). I usually get a good kick out of it because I don’t take what they say too seriously and they discuss a lot of things that conservative Christians are often too afraid to talk about.

The Good Place Show and Podcast

This is an NBC show created by Michael Schur who was also a writer on The Office and Parks and Rec. He also made a cameo on The Office as Dwight’s cousin Mose. The writing on this show is hilariously clever and the actors do it such justice! After binging the two seasons available on netflix, I listened to the podcast and loved the show even more. The writers are incredibly funny and absolutely brilliant. Season three is rolling out and I’m so excited about it! Check it out if you’re into dry humor.

A Simple Favor

I heard mixed reviews about this movie, but I actually really enjoyed it. I went in with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by how unpredictable and dark it got. I find dark humor to be very entertaining so I loved how psychotic the main characters ended up being. 

The Medium

I’ve been trying to be better about staying updated on the news and listening to more NPR as well as just keeping myself more well informed in general. With all that’s going on politically, I think it’s important to stay informed on current events. I really enjoy this app and website because it offers a wide range of interesting articles and I find myself pretty glued to it during my lunch breaks and before bed. The only downside is that it’s not free, but I suppose we’ve gotta save the starving artists- they pay rent too! I actually stumbled upon this website when a friend recommended a lengthy article that I’ll link below.

This AM

If you have a short attention span like me, you may like this app. This news app does tend to have more female relevant topics-as it is a branch of Refinery 29, so it’s not for everyone. I like this app because it gathers 8 articles for you to read each day ranging from health, politics, daily news, pop culture, and etc. They’re like daily nuggets of knowledge to start your day with. 

Terrible, Thanks For Asking-What do you say about Suicide

September was national suicide prevention awareness month. Suicide is a topic that desperately needs more light. Studies show that talking about it can actually serve as a huge preventative measure. Though a heavy topic, it is so worth talking about because suicidal thoughts and rates are so much more common than we realize. I liked this episode because she interviews both people who have little to no experience and people who are more well versed with suicidal topics about what they think about it. The general consensus for those who have little experience was that it’s a very selfish act, while the interviewees who had more experience-knowing someone who’s attempted or thought about it- disagreed and said that selfishness is the last thing to surface the mind of someone struggling so deeply. Depression and suicide are such important topics and we should be more open to these conversations! 

A Million Little Things

This is a new show on ABC that gives me “This is Us” kinda vibes. There are only two episodes out so far, but it’s already so good! I assume it’ll be a pretty heavy show, given that the premise is how a group of friends reacts and works through a suicide within their friend group. It airs every Wednesday, so after you cry your eyes out on Tuesday from This is Us, you can continue to cry the following day with A Million Little Things. 


September playlist- This month’s playlist is filled with new music from; The 1975, Lany, The Japanese House, Matt Corby, etc.

Here are a couple articles I’ve really enjoyed over the course of September! Some long, some short, but all worth reading! 

Jesus, Mary, and Joe Jonas- an interesting read about how the Church and Christianity fit into the context of LA…and more! It touches on subjects like homosexuality, celibacy, death, cancer, and other difficult life events.

To All the Boys I’ve Spent Money On In 2018- just a funny lil thing about the financial aspects of casual dating.

What Happened When I Took a Year Off From Having a Personal Life- an article about the repercussions of a breakup and how that affected her entire life in the following year.

No miscellaneous things this time, but this month’s post is pretty hefty with other content, so I hope that makes up for it.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

Catherine Li