Recap of May & June


My blog presence has dwindled down a quite a bit in the last couple of months. Long story short, it’s been a busy time with work, weddings, friends, family, and etc. Last week I cancelled all my plans for the week and got some solid introvert time in and it was so refreshing. It made me realize that I’ve become such a yes person lately-which isn’t a bad thing- but I haven’t left myself much time to recharge. I cleaned my room for the first time in months, lit a candle, and threw on 500 Days of Summer for the hundredth time. At this point, I can confidently quote the whole movie and soundtrack. Neurotic? Maybe a little. What can I say…I really love familiarity. If you ask any of my old roommates, I cried every time someone moved out. LOL. 

Anyway, here are a few photos from May and June. I used to be so much better about documenting my life in photos. I’m going to try and pick up that habit again...keep me accountable, my friends! The last two months have been really fun, to say the least! I went to three weddings, went to a roller rink, saw Oh Wonder in concert, spent a weekend in San Francisco, ran a 5k, and hung out with great people!

Honestly, 2018 has already been the best year ever! I'm super stoked for the next six months, especially if it'll look anything like the beginning half of this year. I hope this year has been kind to you too!


Catherine Li