On February



It’s been a while since I’ve shared any life updates.

Some new things are in the works for me at the moment. Some of which, I’m not entirely ready to share yet. But stay tuned, it’s mostly more creative endeavors (yay)! But other than that, nothing too noteworthy. In fact it’s been rather nice and calm. Funny how things can shift so much in a year, but I’m really happy, fulfilled, and grateful with all that I have and what I’m doing at the moment.

This past week I got a phone call from a friend on a day that I was feeling particularly lonely and neglected. I used to love the rain, but after working a 9-5 office job for almost a year, the rain and gray skies have really brought out the natural pessimist in me. It was such a much needed reminder of all the kind people in my life. Honestly, a ‘how are you'?’ phone call speaks to my quality time and words of affirmation love languages so well. Remember to call or text your friends! It’s always nice to hear from the people you love.

Anyway, I decided to keep it short and simple this month and share some photos, music, and a vlog that wraps up this month pretty nicely.

Playlist of the month- Feb 19


Thank for reading, and watching! Wishing you the best in March!


Catherine Li