On Character


These are the things that I find to be the most valuable- altruism, humility, generosity, and love. I hope that at some point in my lifetime, each of these traits would find an intrinsic home in me. Maybe I’ll never reach that point, but I’m optimistic that in the process of longing for these ideals, we become better people. People who are kind, simply for the sake of being kind. I’ve come to the realization that there is so much fulfillment and happiness in discovering true kindness. 

In the grand scheme of this universe, we are all just a small blip of existence. So small in fact, that maybe who we are and what we accomplish is entirely meaningless and trivial. 

And sure, it is valid to live under that realm of thought but I often consider that maybe the actions we take have a ripple affect. And say this ripple continues and multiplies into the lives of those around you and around them; then shouldn’t we be more considerate and aware of who we are all becoming?

I’ll always be a work in progress, at least for as long as my blip of existence permits. If you know anything about NFs in the Myers Brigg spectrum, you’d know that we are always self evaluating and trying to better understand ourselves and others. Sometimes it gets the best of us and we drive ourselves nuts overanalyzing the most simple and mundane things. Every so often, I reevaluate who I am or who I'm becoming and in doing so, am in a constant search for self improvement. Lately, life has settled down quite nicely and I’m truly happy in my friendships, my job, and other things. So as for now, I want to see myself become someone who works towards the characteristics of altruism, humility, generosity, and love. 

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Catherine Li