On Bucket Lists


With this year being nearly half over, I was thinking about some things I want to do by the end of the 2018. Jotting them down here as a form of accountability or maybe just a personal checklist. These are all pretty doable…so in no particular order here’s a mini bucket list for the remainder of the year:

  • Ride a Ferris wheel without hyperventilating-the greater goal here really is to get over my fear of heights…but baby steps I suppose
  • Buy at least three new vinyl albums
  • Go through the Star Wars series…maybe..(holding this one pretty lightly) 
  • Shoot at least two rolls of film and get them developed
  • Run a mile in under 10 minutes LOL in my defense, I have asthma and very little endurance
  • Play a game of softball or at least go to the batting cages
  • Get to know most of the illustrator shortcuts like the back of my hand
  • Go to a roller rink

I like the idea of bucket lists and just setting goals in general. It keeps me motivated and ambitious because there's something to look forward to or accomplish. This year has been flying by...I can't believe it's already May. Nonetheless, quite a bit has transpired in the last few months. Much of which, I'm still learning to get used to. But all good things! (maybe except for my impending doom of getting carpal tunnel from using a mouse all day)

It hit me the other day that summer break is no longer a reality for me and I'm real sad about it. Perhaps it's a good trade off for not having to do homework or take tests ever again. To my soon to be graduating friends; give yourself some time off, you have the rest of your life to slave away in a cubicle. But on a happier note, this stage of life is truly exciting and there's much to look forward to. Even if that excitement comes in the form of a hefty tax return or spending the weekend reading at a coffee shop. It's the little things, really :') 

Make a bucket list, go to a concert, read a book, go on a hike. A mundane life can still be exciting. 

Thanks for reading, cheers!

Catherine Li