On April


In short, April was truly such a good month. I got to spend time with my best friends, saw my favorite band play (again!!), and visited a city I’ve been dreaming about for years. I’m so grateful and so full of joy these days.

If I’ve learned anything valuable in the last year, it’s that joy and gratitude doesn’t have a uniform. Sometimes, it can look like prolonged stretches of ugly cries, long moments spent in the car talking to good friends, smiling at a fresh cup of coffee on a slow Saturday morning, or maybe even just hours of solitude spent watching and rewatching your favorite movie. We forget to praise God in the confusing, treacherous, frustrating times, but the seasons of pruning do not invalidate His grace, His provision, and His sovereignty. And in the midst of adversity, of pain, of gut wrenching, soul shaking events, we have to remember that He is still God and He is still good.

Here’s what I did in April :)

Thanks for reading!


Catherine Li