March Favs & Reviews


March was a really good month! I spent the first half of the month hanging out and living without responsibilities. It was a nice breather from a rather busy time.

A couple of my favorite highlights/moments;

  • Two of my favorite people got married at the beginning of the month and it was fun and beautiful. 
  • I got to see and hangout with some of my best friends from college. 
  • I got a movie pass!! and it basically feels like free movies for a year-highly recommend!
  • I spent some quality time with someone who mentored me in college and I'm so thankful for our friendship.
  • I saw a concert with some friends towards the beginning of the month! 
  • My two weeks of funemployment aka adult spring break! It was really nice to taste the freedom and flexibility of not having a schedule for a little while.
  • I started a new job that I actually really like. 
  • And lastly, I filed my own taxes for the first time!! It was the scariest most adult thing I've ever done. Thank you for all the wisdom and moral support from all my older friends who are more knowledgeable and level headed.


Here are some things I've been reading, watching, and listening to



Red Sparrow- Jennifer Lawrence is incredible and this was such a good film! I saw the trailer a little while ago and was eager to see it in theaters but let me just warn you-the trailer doesn't do any justice in capturing how terrifyingly graphic this movie is. If you're not bothered or fazed by blood, torture, nudity, and etc I'd highly recommend seeing it. However, if you're anything like me, you might be a little traumatized.  It's definitely worth watching though and keeps you on your toes the entire time. The plot is quite complex and well thought through and the actors maintain a solid depiction of corruption within these specific scenarios. The poster is also really well done and accurately portrays the movie. 

The Danish Girl- I saw this movie sometime last year and really enjoyed it, but I actually love rewatching movies/shows. The cinematography and screenplay in this film is really beautiful and the plot is pretty engaging. Without giving much away, this movie is centered around transgender issues and is set in mid 1920s, Copenhagen. It's a sort of coming of age and self discovery kind of film. I don't know if it's necessarily everyone's cup of tea, as the ratings on Rotten Tomato were mediocre, but I enjoyed it. It's a bit of a heavier topic, so if you're in the mood for something light, this isn't it. 





Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard- I especially liked the episode he recorded with his wife, Kristen Bell. It was lighthearted and hilarious. Their relationship is adorable and Kristen Bell has a heart of gold. 

The Liturgist Podcast, Body Image- I've talked about this podcast in a prior blog post. I listened to a recently released episode on my drive home the other day and really enjoyed it. This episode discusses body image in a way that I haven't really thought too much about before. It got me thinking about the idea of what we consider to be normal and whether or not that becomes synonymous with beauty. This is a pretty quick and easy listen and it's funny too!

Sleeping at Last finally released another episode of his Enneagram series. This one is about the enneagram type 3. I personally love learning about personality types and I really appreciate how thoughtful and well composed each song has been so far. If you're at all interested in personalities/enneagrams or even music in general, check it out! 

As for music, I actually made a March Favs playlist this month. Follow me on Spotify if you want to check it out! These are a handful of songs from the mix that I've been loving. 


F*CK DEATH (HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY)- In light of Easter coming this Sunday, I thought it'd be appropriate to include this. A friend shared this with me several weeks ago and it was a very thought provoking and interesting piece. If profanity is not your thing- take it with a grain of salt, it's still a really good read. Levi the Poet is incredibly introspective and he writes very beautifully and powerfully. I've been really enjoying his stuff lately. He's also on Spotify! Check out some of his spoken word stuff- it's good! 

Unfortunately, I haven't been reading actual books like I'd hoped..better luck next month! 


Here are some recommendations of more material goods-

Glossier Haloscope in Topaz- I've been really into this highlighter because it's a little different from the generic bright highlight. This has more of a bronze glow and I find it to be very easy to work with. I swipe a bit on the high points of my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers for a natural looking highlight. And as always, click here for 20% off your first purchase!

Earl Grey Tea- I picked this up from Trader Joe's because I love earl grey and this packaging was too good to pass up. This tea is pretty light and has a really good flavor. 

Madewell- Confession: I'm addicted to madewell...I realized recently that my style has gotten drastically more boring and casual over the years and madewell feeds my addiction for very basic pieces. I got this tote several years ago and used it a lot when I was in school. Since starting a new job, I pulled it out of my closet again and remembered why I love it so much. It's a good size to stuff everything I need in it and the leather holds up really well. I think this specific bag has been discontinued but they have similar ones on their site. I recently purchased another tote because I'm a sucker for their bags and I'm still trying to convince myself to return it, but it probably won't happen. I've also been living in this cardigan for the last several months because it is literally softest thing on this planet. 

That's all for this month!

I've been thinking more about upgrading my camera. I've been using my trustly 'ol Rebel T3i for 5 years and it has served me well. I firmly believe that your gear should not be the backbone of the content you create but there are a couple limitations with this camera body and I'm starting to feel slowed down by it. I have been eyeing a few new camera bodies for some time now, but I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! Thanks for reading! And thanks to friends who have given me encouraging feedback lately-it is much appreciated!


Catherine Li