June Favs & Reviews



- Couples Therapy- If you didn’t know, Casey Neistat released a podcast with his wife. I’m a long time fan of Casey Neistat’s vlogs so naturally, I really enjoy his podcast. Candice and Casey have such an interesting dynamic and they are freakin hilarious. There are only 8 episodes so far and its my favorite thing to listen to at work. Don't let the title fool you, it's not what you'd expect. Check it out! 


- Don't You by Wet - I used to listen to Wet a lot in college. Okay, all my music recs this month are from artists that I listened to a lot in college. Forgive me, I can’t seem to find anything new lately. This album is really great, especially if you like sad music. 

- Sleeping at Last- I’ve mentioned Sleeping at Last several times before. He’s really great, writes lots and lots of music, and is incredibly introspective. He also has a podcast!


- Beach House- I picked up the Depression Cherry album at the beginning of May at a local vinyl shop. I was initially drawn to it because the album cover is velvet! I listened to a lot of Beach House when I was working in the studio on my senior show when I was still in school. It’s crazy how nostalgic music can be. The vinyl collection is growing!! Slowly..but growing nonetheless.  

- Japanese House- Lastly, The Japanese House is another long time favorite. I used to listen to her a lot in college. So much so, that I got a little sick of it. I tend to go through these cycles of getting really obsessive with certain artists for a few months at a time, proceed to overdose on it, then grow tired, rediscover it a little while later, and repeating the same pattern. 


The Incredibles 2- 9.5/10!!! I came in with very high expectations because the first movie was my favorite Pixar movie growing up. Though, the storyline was quite predictable, I don’t think that took away from how well done it was. If you haven’t already, go see it! 



- Glossier Serum- I received this sometime last month and have been using it pretty much every night, after toner and before moisturizer. To be completely honest, I prefer the super pure serum over this, but this serum has been helping with the little breakouts I’ve been getting this month. Generally, I treat breakouts with Salicylic Acid- one of the main ingredients in the Glossier Solution and finish it with a serum. I had less trouble with redness and breakouts calmed down way quicker. The consistency of this is on the runnier end in comparison with the super pure serum. 


- Trader Joe’s Coffee-For a while, I was ordering coffee online, but I decided to pick up some coffee during my weekly Trader Joe’s run and to my surprise, it’s quite nice! Nothing fancy, really, but no complaints here! 


- Nature Republic Moisturizer- I’ve been using this moisturizer all month and have been really liking it. Its target audience is people with oily skin. During the summers, my T zone gets pretty shiny and I was in the market for something light and cooling and this moisturizer has been really great. 

- Glossier Mascara- I’m so glad Glossier finally released a mascara! I love this mascara! It literally NEVER smudges. It survives tears, humidity, the pool, and the wear time is amazing. The only downside is that it doesn’t hold a curl super well, but I’ve found that if I curl my lashes after the application, it holds up much better. It’s really great for lengthening and it doesn’t clump regardless of how many coats you apply. The best part is, it doesn’t break the bank! Give it a try!!! And get 20% off while you’re at it!


- Weylie Pixi Palette- This palette is great for several reasons. The colors are amazing, the color payoff is great, it comes with an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge, and the shadows don’t crease too easily. Weylie did such a great job with this palette and I’m so proud of her success! 

That's all for this month! Thanks for reading, cheers! 

Catherine Li