July Favs & Reviews


July was a rather heavy month for me, but I've received an overwhelming amount of love and support from great friends and wise mentors. I'm grateful for such a strong and safe community and humbled by the love I've received. So thank you for all the texts, calls, coffee dates, prayers, and hugs. :') 

Now, onto some favorites of the month...we'll start with PODCASTS-

The Reformed Pubcast- I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes so far, but I appreciate the perspective and conversations. I’m always a big fan of listening to different perspectives because it gets me thinking about the things I believe in and why I agree or disagree with opposing views. My favorite has been the feminist episode with Summer White. She brings up some interesting points about the complementation vs egalitarian debate. The root of my interest in this topic began in college, when I took a Theology of Gender class. To be honest, I still don’t know where I stand on the topic, but I definitely lean a little more egalitarian. Summer White talks a bit about the different roles that men and women are designed to play as well as the common misconceptions about submission. Shout out to fellow podcast lover and friend (who doesn’t need the recognition cause it’ll inflate his ego) for the rec. You know who you are. 

The Ground Up Show- I went down a rabbit hole of watching coffee videos on youtube the other day and came across a video by Matt D'Avella- he's the guy who made the Minimalist documentary on Netflix. I appreciated his humor and 'no nonsense' approach in his content. I found out that he does a podcast called The Ground Up Show, where he talks with other creatives about all things creative- the industry, inspiration, their process, and the things they’ve learned in trying to make it in the creative world. As with most careers- the process can be pretty disheartening and cut throat, but these people truly love what they’re doing and are killin it! He recently interviewed a couple of my favorite photographers/film makers- Mango Street (Rachel and Daniel). I love the stuff they’re making and really respect their outlook on pursuing creativity. They are also hilarious in a low-key and dry humor kinda way. Think The office / Parks and Rec humor. If you're in the creative field or interested in pursuing it, give this podcast a listen! 


july favs-01.jpg

I was having a really tough week, but I scrolled through the new releases on Spotify and a couple of my favorite bands each released a new song. Honestly, it's the small wins in life that really get you through. You can always get a good grasp on my sanity or how I'm doing based off the Spotify playlists that I'm making. Here's a little playlist of some stuff I've been listening to and loving. 



500 Days of Summer

If you know me at all, you know this is my favorite movie, my go to sad movie, and that I’ve seen it more times that I can count. Perhaps it's a little silly but I’ve watched this movie at the brink of most pivotal moments in my life and have learned a lot from it. I watched this movie 10+ times this month alone...I love this movie through and through. Besides the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt is dreamy and adorable, I feel like there are a lot of life lessons to be learned here. It’s inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time. I hope I never grow tired of it.

Ocean's 8

So I haven't seen any of the other Oceans movies so I'm not entirely too qualified to talk about this, but I really enjoyed this movie nonetheless. I suppose it has a lot to do with the cast. Cue Kimmy Schmidt theme song *females are strong as hell* Go watch it if you haven't already! And to my fellow movie pass friends-enjoy it while it lasts :( 

It's been quite a challenging month. At times it felt like far more than I could handle. But, I'm hopeful. Hopeful that in the midst of so much loss comes new beginnings, abundant grace, and a wider spectrum of knowledge and empathy. That's all for this month! As always, thanks for reading! 


Catherine Li