January Favs & Recap


January felt oddly long. Not for any particular reason or occurrence, it just felt as such. I recently bought a new camera. Yes, another one. But this one is mirrorless, so by nature, it’s lightweight and compact but it still shoots beautifully. Merry Christmas to me! Here’s to hoping that this investment will follow me into everyday life and push me to keep creating. Fingers crossed. I’m going to try to incorporate more photography into these blog posts, so hopefully I’ll have something to share soon. 

This month, I compiled a list of my recent favorite articles — mostly from Medium, gotta make that subscription worth it — podcasts, and some playlists I’ve been putting together. I also stitched together a series of video clips I’ve been taking on my phone this past month. One of my favorite past times is watching vlogs from my favorite youtubers. Something about an artistically edited display of mundane, everyday life tasks and what not is so interesting and satisfying to watch. Maybe that’s why we like reality shows so much. But at least, we know these aren’t scripted. Or so I think. I actually have an archive of video clips and vlogs from the last couple of years that I filmed just for keepsake reasons, but I decided to share this month more publicly. Here’s a compilation of this month in a few short minutes. If anything, the ASMR of walking, making coffee, and driving is quite nice. 


These are a handful of interesting reads and funny articles I’ve gathered over the course of the last two months. I won’t go into detail about each one, but I will say that they are all worth the read. Some just food for thought, some encouraging, some funny. A good mix of variety in there! Instead of scrolling through instagram during your lunch break, have a look at some of these!

I Left My Cushy Job to Study Depression. Here’s What I Learned

6 simple signs that you will be alright after a breakup

How to Miss Someone Who Isn’t Really Gone

Why ‘F*ck’ Is the Word of the Year

This Is How You Love a Lonely Person

10 Ways I Know What Type Of Person You Are *If you only choose one of these articles, I’d go with this one!


Reply All is a podcast about the internet. The hosts go through a wide variation of topics, ranging from internet phishing, social media theft, strange ads from your phone listening to you, and much more. Sometimes the topics are seemingly boring, but the hosts have pretty good banter and I appreciate their sense of humor (mostly dry and sarcastic). I believe they also work in tech support, so they’re quite internet savvy. Also, check out this website they created about gripes, I’m sure it’ll put a smile on your face. Or at the very least, a half smirk.

Dirty John is a tv show and podcast that tells a story about Debra, a successful and kind woman, who meets John, a con artist and sociopath, who deceives her into believing he’s someone he’s not. I personally didn’t love the TV adaptation because I found it to be a little over the top and the characters were very unlikeable. The podcast, however, was really good and super engaging. The storyline is pretty unbelievable and scary, but very well told and keeps you on your toes.

What We Said is hosted by two friends who just talk about their lives and topics surrounding the people in their lives. They interview their husbands, friends, and etc and the topics can range from the creative industry, influencers, marriage, general advice, worst date stories, and more. This podcast is probably more geared towards female audiences but I really like it because it reminds me of conversations I can have with my own friends. 

I’ll link a couple of my recent favorite playlists here.

Hibernation- some good sleepy music or driving in the rain kinda music

JAN 18- not necessarily curated very well, just a range of new stuff I’ve been into

I’ve also been super into the Hamilton soundtrack lately!! I’m very late to this party, but if you haven’t already, LISTEN NOW!

And…here’s January in vlog form


Thanks for reading and watching! Cheers!

Catherine Li