December Favs & Reviews

This month, I rediscovered some music that I used to love, watched one of the best films I've seen in a while, and gave a couple new beauty products a try. 



First things first, Lady Bird!! *spoilers

This is a coming of age film that dives into the relationship between a high school senior and her mother and father. The main character, Lady Bird struggles immensely with her identity and the life that she was given. The juxtaposition of her gratefulness for the sacrifices her parents have made for her, alongside of the resentment of the life she has creates an internal conflict that is externally portrayed in the disagreements had with her mother. She has this desire to be far away from home and all things familiar, to discover independence physically, spiritually, and emotionally. There is a strong contrast in the life she has vs. the life she wish she had. But she tries to live in a way as if the life she wants is actually who she is. But the lack of resources put a halt to many of these dreams. Like most mother daughter relationships, she never sees eye to eye with her mother and instead shares sweet moments with her father. But like all parents, they hold on to her tightly as she desperately seeks to attain the kind of independence they have never give her. This film made me sob through and through because it was such a beautiful portrayal of adolescence. In some ways I think we all have a piece of Lady Bird in us. That same kind of deep desire and longing to be more than who we are. That same sense of rebellion that makes us feel so alive. 

This was such a good film and I hope you'll make the time to go and see it! (take me with you, I'd watch it a thousand times over) 



These are some of the artists and songs I've been listening to this month. Some oldies, and some freshly discovered. Nonetheless, all great! Follow me on Spotify, I make a lot of playlists!





I listen to a lot of podcasts at work and during my commutes. These are my recent favorites. Please send your recommendations my way! Some of my other favorites are TAL, Terrible Thanks For Asking, and Good Christian Fun. 




Glossier Milky Jelly CleanserI love this cleanser because it's super gentle and it reminds me a lot of the Fresh Soy face cleanser for a fraction of the cost. Give it a try! Click here for 20% off! 

Em Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner- I have been using this eyeliner for a couple months and it's highly comparable to the Kat Von D Tattoo liner, maybe even better. It's quite affordable and has all the qualities I look for in an eyeliner- long wearing, felt tip, and doesn't dry out too quickly. 


Botanics Day Cream- I was in the market for a new daily moisturizer with SPF because I've been using the same one for years. This one claims to be mattifying, which I haven't really noticed but I do like it because it's light and does the job. 

Candles- As the weather gets colder, I always bust out my candles for all the warm cozies and it makes my room smell incredible. I've been loving this one from Anthropologie lately. 

Swell Bottle- I got this water bottle several years ago with my very first paycheck when I was working on campus in college. I have the 17 oz rose gold one and it's perfect to throw in my bag when I don't want to lug my huge hydroflask around. 


I hope you enjoyed looking at a few of my favorite things from this month. I'm hoping to do one one of these at the end of each month. In other news, I am releasing another post in a couple days and it'll be the last one for 2017! Stay tuned!


Catherine Li