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Writing is often rooted in the extremities of events occurred or feelings had. The documentation of past events and things hoped for brings a form of concreteness that I can more easily hold on to. As I scatter my thoughts on these pages, I form a blueprint of sorts and these parameters make me feel safe. I look forward to New Years Resolutions every year because, writing alleviates pain and memorializes excitements and celebrations. It feels like peeling the plastic off a new moleskin, and as more life is lived, the journal becomes less stiff and the emptiness is filled with life and love.

I always love the new year because it feels like a clean slate. I know new years resolutions are kind of a social construct that society has created. And I know it's somewhat silly and cliche to make resolutions, because after all, time is relative and accomplishments are not measured as successful based on a calendar. But something about a 'new beginning' still excites me and I'm a big fan of setting goals. I've learned over the years to look at these kinds of goals lightly and to refrain from being too disappointed with myself if they aren't achieved in the timeline of 365 days. Instead, they act as guidelines and possible changes I'd like to see happen in my life. 

These are some goals I wish to see myself achieve this year and in the following years.

- Read more (books, articles, newsletters, etc.) I attempted this last year, but failed entirely. I spent the first month of last year in a film & literature class and my brain was overloaded with crime novels. After that, I pretty much put all my books down. Send your recommendations my way!

- I'd like to take my camera around with me more often to document more of my life and have a collection of visuals to revisit. 

- Be more intentional with my time and relationships. I invested heavily in friendships last year and it was truly the best investment. 

- Get my film developed. I have so many rolls of film sitting in my drawer that I've been too lazy to sort through. Film is such a beautiful and underrated medium. 

- Start painting again. 

- Visit a new city. Seeing the world is such a beautiful thing and I hope to see a lot more new places in the next few years.

- Listen to new music. I get quite comfortable with music genres and forget to explore other kinds. Along with that, I'd like to go to at least three concerts this year! 

- Stop. Buying. Hot. Cheetos. The addiction is so real.

- Make peace with God's timing, even when it's not what I want. He knows what He's doing, He's proven it time and time again.

- Spend less time on social media and be more present in life.

- Be a kinder and more empathetic human. 

- Care for people the way they need to be cared for, not how I want to. 

- Produce more meaningful content that is beautiful both aesthetically and conceptually. 

- Be more generous with my time and money. 

- Discover new facets about myself because knowing yourself is valuable. 

-Open myself more to change and new opportunities. 

I get very reflective and introspective this time of year, more so than usual. I hope you are encouraged to set some goals for yourself too. I'm looking forward to a year of no more homework, deeper friendships, and leaving behind the confinements of years prior. In other news, I'll be taking a break next week so come back in two weeks for an exciting new post! Thanks for reading!


Catherine Li